Cold Meats:

Chianina cattle meat - Calf and beef is processed, quartered and cut into smaller pieces manually in our workrooms, then sold by retail or to restaurants.
Selected pork - Selected meat of local pigs. Pork is processed manually in our workrooms, then used in preparing typical local products for sale.
White meat - Hens, turkeys and rabbits coming from the best breeding farms in our area. Lamb - Our lamb comes exclusively from pastures and breeding farms in our region.

Cold meats and other products:

Prosciutto- (ham) - The best meat of home-bred pigs is manually trimmed, then it is flavoured with garlic in the Sienese manner and cured with sea salt.
The seasoning and aging processes last between 12 and 18 months, then the prosciutto is finally covered

Salsiccia (sausage)- Shoulders and stomach of home-bred pork are small ground and flavoured with a mixture of sea salt, pepper and garlic.
This "paste" is then stuffed into the classic pork "big bowel" and tied up by hand with a flax thread.

Capocollo - The top neck of home-bred pork is manually boned and trimmed, then it is flavoured with garlic and cured with pure sea-salt.
Finally it is covered with pepper and allowed to age in proper rooms for 4-5 months.
Soprassata o soppressata - Pork head, tongue and skin are boiled in water, then cut into small pieces which are mixed to salt, pepper, spices, garlic and minced rosemary. The final mixture is then stuffed into a circular casing made of jute fibre.
Once the "soppressata" has cooled, it is cut into slices to be served.

Salame - Pork shoulder and ham are mixed up to "lardelli", pieces of white lard which are typical of italian salami. The processing is entirely manual: meat is chopped and ground by hand and mixed to pure sea salt, ground and whole pepper, garlic and some drops of Vinsanto. Then it is manually stuffed into a tube-like casing and tied up.

Buristo - Pork blood is mixed to pieces of white lard and various kinds of cooked pork meat, similar to the ones used to prepare the "soppressata"; pepper, sea salt and spices are added to the mixture, which is then allowed to become thick and semi-solid. Finally the paste is traditionally stuffed into the pork's intestine (blind gut, bowels) or stomach.
Porchetta (roast pork) - The processing is carried out entirely by hand. A whole home-bred piglet is roasted on the spit in a wood oven. The meat is seasoned with spices, pepper and sea salt, and finally flavoured by adding wild fennel in the traditional manner of Valdichiana and Arezzo sorroundings.
Finocchiona - Semi-lean meat of home-bred pork is manually cut, trimmed and minced.
Flavoured with flowers of wild fennel, sea salt and pepper, pork is then stuffed manually into a genuine casing.

Mortadella di Siena - Lean pork is entirely processed by hand, from cutting to stuffing into casings made of cattle caecum bowels, the so-called "zucchetta". Salt, ground and whole pepper, garlic, the typical pieces of white lard ("lardelli") and some drops of Vin Santo are added to flavour the meat.
Lombo al finocchio - Pork loin is boned and processed by hand. Meat is trimmed and flavoured with garlic, sea-salt and pepper.
The final packing includes adding abundant pepper and home-grown fennel flowers.

Pancetta o rigatino - Pancetta is pork meat with lean and fat streaks coming from the pork abdomen.
The meat is trimmed by hand, flavoured with garlic, cured with sea-salt and finally covered with pepper.
Then it is allowed to dry and age.

Fegatelli - Pork liver is chopped into small pieces and mixed to salt, pepper and wild fennel flowers.
The mixture is wrapped up into a sort of "net" obtained from the striped fat of the pork abdomen (about 600 gr per kilo) and fried in semi-solid lard.

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