val d'Orcia

Talking about Tuscany people usually think of picturesque landscapes, works of art and world-known wines, but also of meat. In Valdichiana, in particular, the fame of the Chianina breed, linked to "bistecca fiorentina" Florentine steak, is almost as wide as the reputation of this region's great wines: Nobile di Montepulciano, Bianco Vergine e Brunello di Montalcino. 
Pure passion for genuine tastes and traditions of the past led Massimo Bastrenghi, owner of "MG Carni", to set up a business which, while interpreting tradition, is able to enhence the tastes and quality of its meat, in particular pork and beef.
The owner of MG Carni

Chianina race cattle

Beef in particular is selected exclusively among cattle of pure Chianina race born and bred in small farms in our region. All animals are carefully checked and severely examined before being slaughtered in our workshops. 
It is meat of very high food value and intrinsically safe: the natural "giantism" of this breed excludes a priori any use of hormones in order to accelerate its growth. 
The same can be said about all other fresh meat and particularly for pork used in preparing valuable cold meats and other meat products which MG Carni produces following the ancient methods of this area, and which are successively allowed to age in suitable rooms. 

MG Carni

Prosciutto, salame , mortadella di Siena, capocollo, lombo al finocchio, salsiccia, porchetta and other specialties which MG Carni wisely prepares and allows to age following absolutely traditional methods do represent the best offer of our region as far as genuine products and high-quality food are concerned. 

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